SDS and Mental Health

SDS and Mental Health: Key Learning Points

  • The prospect of change can be very difficult for people with mental health problems. The self-directed support options are best introduced to this group starting with option 3. Pick ‘n’ Mix
  • Bespoke assessment questionnaires are required for people with mental health problems and other fluctuating conditions to assess for when people are well and unwell. Mental Health Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • People with mental health problems should be supported to plan in advance for how they will manage their self-directed support when their condition fluctuates and they become unwell. This is best done as an extension to assessment and support planning. SDS add-on to Support Plan
  • Continuing to block fund crisis support services and develop Option 2 (known as Individual Service Fund) for people in recovery is an effective way of delivering self-directed support for people with mental health problems. Guidance for developing individual service funds for people with fluctuating conditions
  • SDS learning and development is most effective when practitioners and people who access support learn together. People with mental health problems can be very effective co-trainers. Content and methods to deliver SDS learning and development