Our values and principles

At the start of Pilotlight we developed some guiding values and principles. We used these in working with each of the co-design teams.

Participation and inclusion

All people have the right to participate in and access information relating to the decision-making processes that affect their lives and well-being.

What does this mean to this programme of work?

Everyone, no matter what their level of impairment, is capable of participating in Pilotlight. Our job is to provide each person with the support necessary to enable them to participate fully. This could mean, for example, providing information in alternative formats and distributing it well in advance, paying for a supporter, arranging transport, ensuring all meeting spaces are fully accessible, arranging meetings at times that suit everyone and taking regular breaks.

Non-discrimination and equality

All individuals are equal by virtue of the inherent dignity of each human person.

What does this mean to this programme of work?

Every member of the co-design teams and reference groups for Pilotlight should be enabled to have an Equal Voice. Our job is to design, organise and facilitate the work of the project to allow everyone to contribute in whatever ways suit them best. We will try to make sure everyone is given the respect and treated with the dignity they deserve.


Co-design is the process of designing with people that will use or deliver a product or service.

What does this mean to this programme of work?

Our co-design teams for each pathway to self-directed support are made up of support providers, people who use services, carers and relevant statutory agencies and local organisations.

We work from the understanding that utilising the expertise of people using services (or who may use them) is as important as professional knowledge and experience.


Innovation is about challenging the status quo: bringing about new ideas, new ways of looking at things and new ways of working that are different to what existed before.

What does this mean to this programme of work?

Pilotlight is an exploratory project. We use design methods to help people look at how social services can be delivered differently through the process of self-directed support. We use tools and techniques that are relatively new to social services and learn as we go along. Some things that we try may not work but we believe that by using the expertise within the co-design teams and reference groups we will ensure the ultimate success of the project.

Practical Application

Something that is likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances.

What does this mean to this programme of work?

The Pilotlight pathways, in the form of service blueprints, are tested at each stage of their development with service providers and people who use services to make sure they are both relevant and useable for improving service delivery.