Aberdeenshire Substance Misuse Co-design Team

Picture of Aberdeenshire Substance Misuse Co-design Team

The Aberdeenshire Substance Misuse Recovery Co-design Team comprised six people with lived experience of substance misuse recovery, Aberdeenshire Council SDS lead, community substance misuse social worker / mental health officer and team leader, Aberdeenshire Drugs & Alcohol Partnership team leader and six support providers (three support workers, two service managers and an area manager) from Turning Point Scotland, Cair, Alcohol and Drugs Action and The Foyer.

  • Des Alison
  • John Babbington
  • Colin Barnes
  • Jack Bonnar
  • Stuart Bowie
  • Diane Davies
  • Bryan Duncan
  • Andrea Fraser
  • Kevin Fraser
  • Wayne Gault
  • Lorraine Greig
  • Diane Hartley
  • Rosemarie Smith
  • Tracey Stewart
  • Yvonne Strachan
  • Kelvin Toner