Role play

Acting to bring a service scenario to life.
At what stage of the design process is the tool most useful? 
What does it do? 

Role play is a fun way to bring elements of a service to life and begin to explore design solutions.

How do you use it? 

Consider the problem you would like to design solutions for.

Based on the character profiles, develop some scenarios that you would like the co-design team to develop role plays around. Each scenario should:

  • Include a situation that the team need to develop a solution for
  • Include people using and delivering the service
  • Include enough people so that the whole co-design team can get involved in the role play

Encourage the co-design team to act out their role play.

Afterwards encourage the group to discuss the ideas that emerged. 

Useful resources when using the tool 

Bring the role plays to life with props. Provide the group with space and time to prepare their role play. Capture the role plays by taking photographs and/or recording video clips. It is useful to transcribe the role play which can then be used to develop service conversations at a later date.