Asset map

A template for individual mapping of assets
At what stage of the design process is the tool most useful? 
What does it do? 

By mapping the different assets that exist locally and making
this information readily accessible, it should enable more
people to make informed decisions about the care
and support that they choose to receive and also to allow
practitioners to effectively signpost people on to supports
and services so that they can determine the best course of
action for themselves.

How do you use it? 

Give each member of the co-design team an asset map template. Explain to them that there are many different definitions of assets, but essentially they are considered as resources, which individuals and
communities have at their disposal (Harrison et al, 2004). Ask each member of the co-design team to complete their own asset map based on where they live or work.

Useful resources when using the tool 

Have a large (A1 or A0) size map of the area you are designing for and ask each member of the co-design team to plot their assets on the map using post-its, photos and / or lego figures. This community asset map can be added to over time and digitised.