Train window with rain

Some people who have never felt the stigma of being looked down upon by society may not get how it works, so big mouth here is going to give you an example.

Let's say my life is a windscreen, I'm going along, quite happy then the government declare a war on drugs and suddenly it starts to rain. The first and biggest drop of rain lands right at the top of the windscreen, this is the MP calling all drug users and dealers the scum of the Earth and telling everyone they need to be protected from us and our ideals. Social stigma is born. This first drop of rain though does not want to stay at the top of the windscreen though so it starts to descend through the raindrops of the higher and middle classes, gaining momentum and support as it goes down through the working class, the wife beater, the shoplifters, the alcoholics, uniting those people used to stigma and derision against the new target for hatred and vilification until it is no longer a few drops of water but a stream flowing down the windscreen and no matter how fast the wipers work they cannot stop all that water. This is what addicts have faced since the early 80's when a government official declared AIDS to be a disease carried and spread by gay men and intravenous drug users. By mouthing off without knowing the facts these people have made the lives of addicts close to unbearable.

Will this ever end? The answer to that question I cannot tell you but it is human nature that keeps stigma alive.