Pilotlight and Self-directed Support for Substance Misuse Recovery

Andrea and Lorraine

My overall experiences in taking part in the Pilotlight self-directed support workshops over the last 8 months for substance misuse recovery was that I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and meeting all the people from different agencies and, of course, not forgetting the peers in the group who were also in recovery from addictions.  I enjoyed learning about self-directed support and, of course, using the test budget!!!

I felt really inspired by the people who attended the workshops and the people giving their stories about being a peer worker. I gained so much knowledge and understanding about self-directed support and peer support through listening to everyone. I learned about all the different agencies that are there to help people with addictions and also for people in recovery, some of whom I never knew anything about so it was really good to gain knowledge about this.

Self-directed support is a way in which we saw helped people in recovery get back into a different way of life to which they had been living and self-directed support was put in place to help get the support needed to  meet social needs as well as training  and to help support the move in to employment.

I enjoyed the discussions that we had about different topics and of course the little disagreements because everyone had their own opinion!!!

My own test budget was used to help me gain my driving license which would help me a great deal. I am still in the process of doing my theory which is on the last day of the work shops 23rd of June after we finish at 5.30pm. I have failed my theory test twice and I think that if I didn't have the encouragement of everyone at the workshops I would have gave up by now, but its going to be third time lucky I hope and then my intense driving course will be done and hopefully I will be driving soon.

(Update - I passed!)

The part of Pilotlight that interested me a lot was the fact that Turning Point Scotland were employing two peer workers for self-directed support. Although the positions are only for a year I am really interested and excited about the opportunity for two of the people that have been attending the workshops, to gain employment with Turning Point Scotland. I would love the opportunity to gain more knowledge and hopefully be appointed for one of the jobs. 

I have learned about the ten recovery outcomes and all the skills needed to become a peer worker for substance misuse. From reviewing the job description for the position I firmly believe I have the potential required to  meet the criteria effectively for this position.

It is important to encourage others by letting them know that you have been through the same as them and that there's light at the end of the tunnel. This allows us to relate to each other.

Judith and Kate really inspired and encouraged me and I learned so much from them as I did from everyone else that took part in the workshops. I think that self-directed support is real way of encouraging and helping people to achieve and get things they need to support with their journey in recovery.