My experiences of the co-design group

Group working

I was unsure of coming along to the group initially as have no previous experience of this kind of thing but thought I would go to the first one or two to see what it was all about. Also I wanted to know more about self-directed support being the nosy kind and felt that if this is going to affect me then I might as well know about it from the start instead of being a straggler for a change. The thought of having some information that others don't means there will come a time when I can pass information on and make something clearer for them. It will also help me as I'm generally regarded as a thicko which will come as a nice surprise to most, nice to be clued up.

I did like the idea of making some kind of contribution to the way something might work even if that was in a little way, for example, one of the “workers” picking up on something I say, even as a fly-away comment, taking it back to their place of work and possibly expanding on it. That something that I thought of as a small inept idea being snowballed and expanded upon. Making someone, even one person, see things more clearly. Hopefully, the possibility of seeing something like self-directed support as something that could work for them. There’s nothing worse in life than feeling lost and inept in your own life and/or body.

Making things clear for people on whatever level, on whatever subject has to be a step forward whether that is self-directed support or any other Government initiative that they might come up with, whether that is now or in the future. I hope my participation in this group will achieve something, even in a minute way. I would like to hope that if there was either a follow up group or another similar group I would be eligible to participate, even with my skewed view of the world.

I also feel that this group has given me a boost to my confidence. For me to go and do further subjects whether that is at college, night classes or possibly some charity work to fill both my time and expand my knowledge on life, the world and those in it and around me.

I feel that the group has interacted quite well although there have been times when there has been the odd stumble but that I feel is what happens when there are different personalities in one place with varying thoughts, views and opinions.  Also, there is a mix of different service providers trying to protect their area of experience and also clients from yet another different background. Finding the right place for us I feel has helped too (we have moved our workshops to the local football club venue). It is a better mix of services / space for this particular enterprise.

* Photography by Margaret Adams, member of Moray co-design team.