Posted November 25, 2014 0 comment(s)
Pilotlight facilitated the last workshop with the Moray small business co-design team in August. In just four months the Moray Small Business Network, which was one of the Pilotlight outputs, has gone from strength to strength.  The network has met monthly and had its’ first public outing at the Social Enterprise Market Place in Elgin... + continue reading
Posted June 12, 2014 0 comment(s)
Role playing could/would/will have its’ benefits in all areas of life but in this one in particular in opening up aspects which previously went unforeseen. It also helps with what may have been difficult issues to resolve, bringing unforeseen areas to the fore if this is done regarding the various groups of individuals that are presently in... + continue reading
Posted May 27, 2014 0 comment(s)
As a commissioner of support services it can be easy to feel like the work we do is somehow removed from the people who need to use those services… As a person who works for a living it can be easy to lose sight of the other benefits and impacts in my life that are drawn from ‘going to work’ and it can be easy to take for... + continue reading


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